Several medicines are employed to treat symptoms of influenza. Tamiflu medication proves to be the most effective influenza treatment obtainable in the current instances. Even the Globe Wellbeing Organisation has attested to its effectiveness and accepted it for use in circumstance of bird flu pandemic in any country of the world.

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About Tamiflu – Its producer

Tamiflu is a prescription drug that physicians prescribe for treatment method and prevention of flu infections amongst adults. It is also helpful for children whose age is one particular yr or above. Tamiflu is not a substitute for any flu vaccine, so men and women ought to not attempt to ignore general flu vaccinations.

Roche pharmaceuticals manufacture Tamiflu, which has been accepted as a potent weapon to combat towards any type of flu infections throughout the world.

Arrives in the strength of

These adults who locate it difficult to swallow tablets can get liquid kind.

Adults can get Tamiflu tablets in the power of 75mg and for young children, dosage of 12mg/ml flavoured oral suspension is perfect.

Even so, if you take this influenza medicine with light food, it guidelines out any probability of upsetting your belly.

What is influenza virus?

The influenza virus is a transmittable virus, which spreads from a single individual to an additional via tiny droplets when an infected person coughs or sneezes. These droplets are released in the air by these actions.

You may even get influenza virus when you touch the nose or mouth of an contaminated man or woman. This implies that if you have flu infection, you can effortlessly pass on the flu to somebody else prior to that individual is aware of it.

Influenza virus infection can last up to one particular week. It can also aggravate problems of individuals who endure from continual illnesses this kind of as diabetes, heart disorder, and asthma.

How to deal with influenza virus?

You can treat your influenza virus infection with Tamiflu medication, which is regarded as as one of the best anti-viral medication.

If you encounter signs and symptoms of influenza virus, you ought to get remedy inside of 48 hours of very first observable indicators. Tamiflu medicine aids in each remedy and prevention of influenza virus infection.

When you get Tamiflu medicine inside of two days of encountering initial signs of influenza virus, oseltamivir phosphate, which is the principal ingredient in this drug, functions to cease the flu virus from spreading within the body.

You can also get Tamiflu as a prevention medicine when you have been uncovered to an contaminated particular person. This anti-viral drug can aid you by preventing the influenza virus from generating you sick.

Tamiflu is a prescription drug. So it is apparent for some aspect results to grow to be visible amongst customers. Some users report uncommon and severe facet results of this medicine, but speedy health-related focus support minimize these reactions.

These are normally mild and are easily treatable by means of proper health-related consultation.

You should usually get precautionary actions when you get Tamiflu medicine. Pregnant women or nursing moms ought to also stay away from consumption of Tamiflu to tackle their influenza virus infections. Its consumption can have some facet effects on the unborn youngster or nursing infant. These girls should be always open about speaking with their medical professionals concerning intake of this medicine. Individuals who undergo from health-related circumstances these as kidney difficulties need to also stay away from this drug. They can seek suggestions of their medical doctors as a substitute of taking this drug at their very own danger.

If you are previously taking other medication for influenza virus remedy, then you ought to initial ask your medical professional just before starting Tamiflu medicine. It can examine probability of any serious reactions due to components of Tamiflu.

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Green tea has been recognized all over the world for its many health advantages. Recent times saw another breakthrough about another green tea benefit and this was against the influenza virus.

Influenza has been one of the oldest and most common infections1 the world has known. It affects mainly the nose, throat, bronchi and, occasionally, the lungs.2 The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that tens of thousands of people in the United States die each year of complications of influenza3. The Influenza virus has many strains; one of the most infectious is Influenza Virus A. From Influenza A, the H1N1 Swine Flu evolved, which has affected millions of people around the globe.

However, the 2007 study in Dr. Rath Research Institute, Santa Clara, CA, USA showed that a unique nutrient mixture (NM) containing ascorbic acid, green tea extract, lysine, proline, N-acetyl cysteine, and selenium1 wherein its individual components of ascorbic acid and green tea extract blocked viral NP (nucleoprotein) production1. In conclusion, the nutrient mixture exerts an antiviral effect against Influenza A virus by lowering viral protein production in infected cells and diminishing viral enzymatic activity in cell-free particles.1 This study is supported by several other researches regarding the potency of green tea against influenza. One is Japanese research which has shown that Green tea’s active components known as polyphenols have remarkable antiviral properties. In fact, these polyphenols can prevent the influenza virus from attaching to normal cells, thus blocking flu infection.5

Another major component of Green tea is the catechins which have Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) and epicatechin gallate (ECG)6. Song et al., have reported that EGCG at relatively high doses is an inhibitor of influenza A virus replication6. However, it has not yet been demonstrated how to refine and to optimize EGCG for use as an anti-influenza viral drug.6 Both components however, the EGCG and ECG were found to be potent inhibitors of influenza virus replication in MDCK cell culture and this effect was observed in all influenza virus subtypes tested, including A/H1N1, A/H3N2 and Influenza B virus. Green Tea has proven its worth against the influenza virus.

So knowing this, we can strengthen our immune system against this rampant infection. Drinking green tea is am impractical solution, as research has shown that the antiviral properties of green tea are reduced when the tea is heated. However, taking supplements with the recommended dosages of green tea and other antiviral ingredients will definitely help shield you against influenza and other viral and morbid infections without reducing the potency of the ingredients.

Gene Eden is just this needed supplement. It has a natural anti-viral formula consisting of potent Green Tea Extracts, Quercetin, Licorice Extract, Cinnamomum Extract, and Selenium. The other anti-viral ingredients make the supplement more effective each with scientific research to back them up.

Act now rather than later. Shield your body and get increased protection against chronic viruses. Consider adding Gene-Eden to your daily supplements for your body’s defense against viruses like Influenza.

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In autumn, the influenza is very popular and people will have some symptoms such as cough, sneezing and rustiness, which affects the normal work and life. So, people are required to do advanced preventive measures. Here I summarize several tips for people to prevent the influenza in autumn.

First of all, we should know the reasons of long-term cold. The influenza viruses are easily infected. The viruses are mainly hiding in the nose and throat. When the infected people speak, cough or sneeze, the viruses will float in the air with the saliva droplets and attach on items. If healthy people inhale the polluted air or expose to the items, it is possible for them to get diseases. When people suffer from cold and have weak immunity, they are more prone to get cold. The influenza viruses are diversified and these viruses have no cross immunity, so they are easy to make people sick again and again. Therefore, some people often get cold and recover for quite a long time. We should pay attention to the following tips in daily life:

1. Drink plenty of water. Large number of water can take away the viruses from the body and prevent dehydration, which is a complication of influenza.

2. Take in vitamin C and vitamin E. The appropriate oral intake of vitamin C could reduce the cold symptoms. Vitamin E plays an important role in the human immune system, and it is widely found in animal fats and plant oil.

3. Wash hands frequently. Some viruses can survive for three hours in the places patients touch. Therefore, washing hands frequently could help people be away from cold. In addition, do not develop the bad habits of rubbing noses, because it is easy to take the viruses on hands to the easy-infectious part.

4. Sterilize kitchen ware regularly. The sponges and wipes in kitchen contain large quantity of bacteria. If there is a patient at home, it is better to use disinfectant to scrub the items they touch such as taps, door handles and refrigerator handles.

5. Do not stay in closed space for too long time. The poor ventilated areas are likely to breed influenza virus. Offices are the easy infectious places, so if people could not avoid them, they can use light salt water to keep nose moist.

6. Keep one meter distance with patients. The saliva containing virus can be splashed out one meter in the process of cough and sneezing. So, if you find someone decide to sneeze or cough, you should be one meter away from him. In elevators or buses, you can turn away immediately, because eyes and noses are most possible to be infected.

7. Ensure enough sleep. U.S. researchers have conducted a trial which allows volunteers to sleep late at night, and their immunities decrease 30% in the next day. After they have eight hours’ sleep, their immunities recover to the original level.

8. Insist in doing aerobic exercise. People are suggested to do aerobic exercise for 30 to 45 minutes every day such as walking, cycling and dancing. These exercises can greatly enhance the body’s ability to resist cold and avoid the risk of respiratory diseases.

Of course, people could also accept influenza vaccination in time. All the above methods are quite effective in preventing people from getting cold.

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Bird flu virus has been detected in Tripura, India and Queensland, Australia during the recent weeks. In Tripura, India culling of the affected birds has started after High Security Animal Disease Laboratory (HSADL) in Bhopal confirmed the presence of H5N1 virus in affected birds from the area. Furthermore, Low pathogenic Avian Influenza virus has been detected in two duck farms located North of Melbourne, Australia. Authorities have quarantined the two farms and taking steps to destroy about 10,000 ducks. Bird flu, also known as avian influenza, is a contagious disease among birds and is caused by an influenza virus hosted by birds and passed on to humans.

The deadly strain H5N1 of avian influenza virus can infect humans and caused a pandemic in the last decade. Though only bird-to-human infections have been suspected, scientists have expressed concern over the possibility of human-to-human infection. Since its discovery in 1987, more than 300 humans in 12 countries have died of the disease. Scientists have expressed concern of a possible pandemic threat. Creating a more virulent strain of the bird flu virus by two groups of scientists has started a controversy among the scientists and US National Science Advisory Board for Biosecurity has asked the two journals Nature and Science to sensor the data in the two articles reporting the studies due to be published soon.

Some scientists have expressed the possibility of accidental escape of the newly created viruses from the laboratories starting bird flu epidemics. According to WHO estimates, 3 to 5 million people get infected by influenza. Estimated 300,000 die of the disease. If a new mutated strain of bird flu virus with the capability of jumping from bird-to-human and human-to-human, options for prevention and treatment are limited. The government health authorities allover the world, have their policies of maintaining large stocks of antiviral drugs to face pandemics like influenza, bird flu and swine flu. However, whether these policies are in fact in place practically and whether countries are truly ready to face another round of the dreaded epidemic is a question worth raising.

Oseltamivir (Brand name: Tamiflu) is the most widely prescribed drug for influenza. It is the most recommended drug for preventing and treating swine flu and bird flu also. WHO also has recommended stocks of Oseltamivir as an epidemic preparedness step. A spokesperson for Big Mountain Drugs a leading Canadian online pharmacy said “Tamiflu and other antiviral drugs like Relenza (zanamivir) and Denavir are available at very cheap rates from us. Big Mountain Drugs has a team of well qualified pharmacists with long time experience to deliver the orders without any mix-up. Our team of Customer service agents can speak more than twelve languages and they are ready to answer the customer queries regarding the drugs.”

Most of Canada online pharmacies deliver drugs across the world, using reliable courier services and any person needing antiviral medications can submit a valid prescription online and make the required purchases. The drugs are delivered to the doorstep, at extremely affordable prices.

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